Rebranding Announcement

My Healthy WOE Announces Rebranding

Now we are called: Vitaplena.

Dear clients and followers of My Healthy WOE.

We are now changing our Facebook Page name, from My Healthy WOE to Vitaplena. This changes are related to the re-branding of our business Page to represent our business identity, in compliance with Facebook policies and Pages terms.

It's been almost four years since we started our business in 2018. In the last months we have seen a decrease in sales and have heard your feedback in regards to our old name: My Healthy WOE. 

Some of our clients have told us that the name has no meaning to them and it's difficult to remember and type. After careful consideration we have decided to start 2022 fresh with a new brand, which better represents our values, purpose and goals and which includes a new logo.

With great pride we present: Vitaplena

We decided to use a tree because it presents: longevity, life, and fullness despite the extreme conditions that they are subjected to over the years. We hope you like it.


In the next few days you will see changes in our social networks, website and our mobile app. You can follow us on all networks by our new handle:Vitaplena or vitaplena_pr.

Hopefully you like our new branding as much as we do.

Thanks for your support during these difficult times.